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» Using Serviceguard with Integrity VM

Virtualization is a key technology used in today's drive for data center consolidation. With more production applications moving to virtual environments, it is critical that these applications have levels of availability that meet customer business requirements. HP high availability / disaster tolerant and virtualization products are continually being enhanced to effectively address these customer needs. Several new features have been introduced in the latest versions of Serviceguard and HP Integrity Virtual Machines (HPVM) that customers can use to improve the availability of their applications running in virtual machines in ways that were not possible before these new product releases. This session will cover the how new features in the Serviceguard A.11.19 and HPVM B.04.10 releases can be used to help meet your application availability requirements for both planned and unplanned downtime events in virtual environments using HP-UX, Windows and Linux VM guests.

» Introduction to Linux

This seminar is designed to provide an entry-level look at Linux. Students will learn the basics about Linux and how it is being utilized by others in the industry. They will also learn how to get a Linux system up and running and some of the essentials of administering a Linux system and integrating it into an IT environment.

The course provides an ideal orientation for those interested in starting with Linux, see Linux as a reality in their future, or who are just looking to get a closer look at what Linux is all about.

» Linux host security

This highly technical course focuses on properly securing machines running the Linux operating systems. A broad range of general security techniques such as packet filtering, password policies, and file integrity checking are covered. Advanced security technologies such as Kerberos and SELinux are taught. Special attention is given to securing commonly deployed network services. At the end of the course, students have an excellent understanding of the potential security vulnerabilities - know how to audit existing machines, and how to securely deploy new network services.

» Linux troubleshooting

This 5-day course covers topics of interest to experienced Linux system and network administrators wishing to increase their troubleshooting skills and understanding to effectively administer the Linux operating systems in an enterprise computing environments. Leveraging the studentís existing troubleshooting skill set, the student will quickly learn methodologies, tools and techniques to troubleshoot many real-world Linux administration issues with plenty of hands-on laboratory exercises to enhance skill development during the course.

» Linux fundamentals

This course is an extensive introduction to the Linux operating system and how to use its many commands and utilities. It also covers the file editor and basic shell programming. This course is the foundation and prerequisite for most other Linux courses. Your course format is 60% lecture and 40% hands-on. The duration of your course is five days.

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» Linux network security

This 5-day course provides focuses on Linux network security and protocols used in Linux, UNIX, and Windows 2000 are examined. After a detailed discussion of the TCP/IP suite component protocols and Ethernet operation, the student practices using various tools to capture, analyze, and generate IP traffic.

» Accelerated Linux administration for experienced HP-UX or Sun Solaris administrators

Learn Linux administration in half the time with the new AAccelerated Linux administration for experienced HP-UX or Sun Solaris (UNIX) administrators (2794S). This 5-day course covers topics of interest to experienced HP-UX (UNIX) system administrators wishing to develop an understanding of the skills required to administer Linux based systems in their enterprise computing environments.

For more information on LPI certification, please refer to their website at: http://www.lpi.org

For more information on Red Hat certification, please refer to their website at: http://www.redhat.com

HP extends Linux support for enterprise solutions

Hewlett-Packard Company (NYSE: HWP) today announced its Linux-based products, technologies and services, including more extensive Linux support for more than 40 HP LaserJet and business inkjet printers. HP' s wide variety of appliances, printers, storage and service provider solutions and development tools are expected to expand the scalability, ease of use and cost-effectiveness of Linux to more customers.

Read the press release on HP.com

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