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Open System Services (OSS) - advanced commands and utilities for HP NonStop servers


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Course number U5517S
Length 2 days
Delivery method Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT)
Instructor-led training (ILT)
Onsite dedicated training (OST)
Price USD $1,400
CAD $1,540

Course overview

OSS is the open interface to the NonStop Kernel operating system running on the HP NonStop servers. This 2-day course focuses on advanced OSS commands and utilities, with special emphasis on those that make it possible to interoperate between the Guardian environment and the OSS environment.


  • OSS NonStop Server Fundamentals course (U5515S) or Concepts and facilities for HP NonStop systems course (U4147S) or equivalent experience with NonStop servers
  • OSS Basic Commands/Utilities (U5516S) or working knowledge of basic UNIX commands & utilities


  • UNIX application designers and developers who are preparing to work in the OSS environment
  • UNIX system administrators who will have responsibility for managing NonStop servers
  • Experienced NonStop server application designers and programmers who are preparing to work in the OSS environment
  • NonStop system managers with basic OSS knowledge who are interested in expanding their skills

Ways to save

Course objectives

  • Give students a hands-on feel of Open System Services (OSS) on HP NonStop servers, emphasizing the interoperability between the OSS and Guardian environments

Next steps

  • Opens System Services (OSS) Application Development and Porting course (U5518S)

Course outline

Module 1 - Introduction to Open System Services (OSS)

  • What is an open system?
  • OSS and Guardian comparisons
  • OSS versus UNIX
  • Advantages of OSS

Module 2 - The OSS Shell

  • Terminal requirements
  • OSS shell and utilities overview
  • Accessing OSS
  • Configuring the OSS service
  • Modifying the user environment
  • Shell environment variables
  • Lab exercise: Managing your OSS environment

Module 3 - OSS Commands

  • Editing files
  • Commands and utilities
  • Using pax to archive and recover files
  • Compressing files
  • Load balancing

Module 4 - OSS File System

  • File system characteristics
  • Common directories
  • File types
  • OSS pathnames to Guardian files
  • OSS filesets
  • POSIX and Guardian security
  • Converting OSS files to their physical file names
  • Lab exercise: OSS file permissions

Module 5 - OSS/Guardian Interoperability

  • The osh bridge program
  • The gtacl bridge program
  • Accessing the /G and /E fileset extensions
  • Using the OSSTTY program
  • Spooling operations
  • Interoperability considerations
  • Lab exercises:
    • OSS to Guardian interoperability
    • Printing from OSS

Module 6 - Command Scripting

  • Comments and metacharacters
  • Shell scripts
  • Variables
  • Control structures
  • test command
  • expr and read commands
  • Arguments
  • Error tracing
  • Miscellaneous statements
  • Arithmetic on shell variables
  • let and select commands
  • Functions and function management
  • Lab exercise: command scripting

Onsite-Delivery Equipment Requirements

  • Access to a NonStop server with OSS installed
  • OSS configured with sufficient logon IDs for students
  • Individual PCs (Windows 95 or later) with network access and a TELNET type emulator

U5517S - C.00
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