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C Programming on NonStop Systems


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Course number U4144S
Length 3 days
Delivery method Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT)
Instructor-led training (ILT)
Onsite dedicated training (OST)
Price USD $2,100
CAD $2,310

Course overview

You will get a solid introduction to the hp NonStop™ Server implementation of ANSI-standard C programming in this 3-day course. You will learn C language syntax and ANSI-standard I/O routines and apply your knowledge through lab exercises. From basic syntax to advanced techniques, the course provides an intensive look at the C language. Prior C knowledge is essential.


  • Concepts and Facilities for HP NonStop Systems (U4147S)
  • Familiarity with C programming syntax or TAL programming experience


  • System analysts
  • System programmers
  • Programmers
  • Programmer analysts

Ways to save

Course objectives

  • Provide an intensive look at basic C language syntax and advanced ANSI-standard I/O routines

Benefits to you

  • C variables, constants, operators, arrays, structures, expressions, and statements
  • If-Then-Else, Loop, and Switch (case) constructs
  • Functions
  • Pointers
  • Routines
  • C memory models and libraries
  • Program and compiler directives
  • ANSI-standard I/O

Next Steps

  • C Programming in the Guardian Environment U4143S

Course outline

Module 1 - C Language Overview

  • Distinguishing between types, operators, and expressions
  • Control flow
  • Writing functions using appropriate program structure
  • Using the Inspect and Native Inspect software products with C language programs
  • Lab exercise: become familiar with basic“C” code and constructs
  • Lab exercise: use standard “C” I/O functions and procedure calls

Module 2 - Advanced C

  • Using pointers
  • Pass pointers and arrays as parameters
  • Computing math with pointers
  • Using various types of pointers
  • Using argument count and argument vector parameters
  • Using STRUCTS and UNIONS
  • Lab exercise: reinforce your ability to use pointers

Module 3 - The NonStop Server C Environment

  • C memory models
  • Usage of compiler pragmas
  • Library headers
  • Variable argument handling and jumping from functions
  • ANSI file I/O and alternate file I/O
  • Preventive debugging
  • Lab exercise: use ANSI file I/O for file access

Onsite-delivery equipment requirements:

  • One NonStop server with NonStop operating system, version H06 or later
  • 6530 terminals or equivalent PC/workstation for instructor demonstrations
  • 6530 terminal or equivalent PC/workstation per student

U4144S - H.00
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