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Course number HK286S
Length 5 days
Delivery method Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT)
Instructor-led training (ILT)
Onsite dedicated training (OST)
Price USD $3,500
CAD $3,850
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Course overview

This 5-day course provides core knowledge from the installation and maintenance perspective on HP NonStop servers system hardware architecture and operating system software making the systems reliable, scalable, open, and fast. Topics include NonStop kernel utilities including SCF, FUP, EMS, SPOOLCOM, PERUSE, and using Open System Management (OSM) to verify system components. The course is 55 percent lecture and 45 percent hands-on labs using HP servers and is the foundation and prerequisite for follow-on NonStop platform specific field support training.


  • General computer knowledge
  • Mission critical mindset
  • At least six months experience maintaining other server platforms


  • Account or support engineers and customer service personnel who are responsible for installing and fully maintaining NonStop servers and the NonStop kernel operating system
  • Those involved with HP NonStop server support and services

Ways to save

Next steps

  • NonStop NS-series Server Support Training (U8584S) and/or
  • NonStop NB-series Field Support Training (HG768S) and/or
  • NonStop NS2000 Field Support Training (HK287S)

Benefits to you

  • Build your NonStop server basic knowledge and skills to effectively support NonStop systems
  • Gain valuable hands-on experience providing essential foundation skills in selected areas
  • Prepare for the next steps to continue learning platform specific preventive and corrective skills in the NonStop server system support curriculum

Course outline

Module 1 - Introduction to NonStop Systems
  • HP NonStop™ server general characteristics
  • Application areas where NonStop servers are commonly used
  • NonStop server design goals

Module 2 - NonStop Server Hardware Architectures

  • NonStop server ServerNet System Area Network (SAN)
  • Introduction to NonStop S-series systems
  • Introduction to NonStop NS-series systems
  • Introduction to NonStop NB-series systems

Module 3 - NonStop Operating System (OS)

  • Basic characteristics and functions of the HP NonStop™ operating systema
  • Process and program differences
  • NonStop OS process management
  • Message-based OS
  • NonStop OS file and message systems major functions
  • Role of process pairs
  • NonStop OS releases

Module 4 - Guardian Environment

  • Guardian user IDs
  • Accessing the NonStop server
  • Guardian user environment management
  • Guardian file management
  • Labs: Guardian and TACL commands; using TEDIT; printing; fault tolerance; processcontrol; FUP

Module 5 - Open System Services (OSS) Environment

  • OSS definition
  • Guardian, OSS, and shared APIs
  • OSS file system and types
  • Guardian and OSS test files
  • Running OSS commands from the Guardian environment and vice versa
  • POSIX.2 shell and utilities
  • Directories and filenames

Module 6 - NonStop Technical Library (NTL)

  • Accessing the NTL
  • Browsing to find documents and information
  • Search facilities
  • Lab: NTL

Module 7 - Open System Management (OSM) Overview

  • Benefits
  • Hardware requirements
  • Configuration options
  • OSM Low-Level Link (LLL)
  • OSM Service Connection
  • OSM Notification Director
  • OSM Event Viewer
  • Debugging and tracing procedures
  • Labs: LLL; Service Connection; Event Viewer

Module 8 - Server Configuration and Management

  • Subsystem Control Facility (SCF) Introduction
  • Using the SCF
  • Labs: SCF; installing storage devices; SCF configuration

Module 9 - Event Management Service (EMS)

  • EMS overview and components
  • EMS event format and types
  • EMS programs and utilities
  • Running an EMS distributor
  • Lab: EMS

Module 10 - Other Useful NonStop Tools

  • ViewPoint
  • PEEK
  • ViewSys
  • SYSINFO and SYSTIMES commands
  • Labs: ViewPoint; PEEK; DSAP

Module 11 - Information Sources and Education Planning

  • Global Mission Critical Solution Center (GMCSC)
  • Electronic support tools
  • Education sources and planning
  • Internal web links
  • Internal distribution lists

Onsite Delivery Equipment Requirements

  • Windows-based workstations providing each student with access to a NonStop server
  • Student and instructor access to: Internet, basic Guardian utilities, the Guardian spooler, TEDIT, TACL, OSS Pathway, Enscribe, OSM, TMF, Measure, and ViewPoint

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