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Course number HG767S
Length 3 days
Delivery method Instructor-led training (ILT)
Price USD $2,100
CAD $2,310
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Course overview

This course prepares you to operate and manage the new HP Integrity NonStop BladeSystem and introduces you to the new NonStop Multi-core Architecture (NSMA). Server configuration, operations, and networking are compared and contrasted between the S-series and NB-series servers. The 3-day course is a combination of lecture and live demonstrations using HP NB-series servers.


  • NonStop S-series Server Administration I (U5448S) and
  • NonStop S-series Server Administration II (U5449S) or
  • At least 6 months working experience on NonStop S-series server operational activities


  • System operators
  • System programmers
  • System analysts
  • System administrators
  • Users participating in NB-series server operations

Ways to save

Course objectives

  • Introduce you to the new HP Integrity NonStop BladeSystem including NonStop Multicore Architecture (NSMA) and hardware components
  • Provide an overview of networking CLIM and storage CLIM
  • Identify system configurations
  • Become familiar with the updates to Open System Management (OSM)
  • Demonstrate operational differences between S-series and NB-series servers
  • Learn about the updates made to Measure
  • Understand a basic migration and related considerations

Benefits to you

  • Familiarize yourself with the new NB-series servers including NonStop Multicore Architecture, hardware components, and software products
  • Receive an overview of NB-series server installation and migration
  • Learn how to run an operational environment
  • Gain NB-series server experience using HP SIM, OSM, and OA

Course outline

Module 1 - Course Overview

Module 2 - NonStop Multi-core Architecture (NSMA) Overview

  • NonStop BladeSystem server comparison
  • NSMA terms
  • NonStop BladeSystem server hardware components and manageability
  • NSMA comparison to other NonStop architectures
  • I/O infrastructure

Module 3 - Modular I/O Overview

  • Modular I/O migration and concepts
  • I/O Adapter Module Enclosure (IOAME) and components
  • IOAME connectivity options

Module 4 - Networking Cluster I/O Module (CLIM)

  • IP CLIM introduction
  • IP CLIM hardware components
  • IP CLIM theory of operation
  • IP CLIM connection into NSMA
  • Cluster I/O Protocol (CIP) software components

Module 5 - Storage Cluster I/O Module (CLIM)

  • Storage CLIM introduction
  • Storage CLIM hardware components
  • Storage CLIM theory of operation
  • Storage CLIM connection into NSMA
  • Disk and tape hardware components

Module 6 - NSMA System Configuration

  • Instruction Processing Unit (IPU)
  • Where NSMA IPUs are user visible
  • SmartDump
  • SCF NSMA changes

Module 7 - NSMA Onboard Administrator (OA)

  • Starting and using the OA
  • OA certificate uploader tool

Module 8 - Updates to HP Systems Insight Manager (SIM)

  • SIM tool
  • SIM BladeSystem plug-in displays
  • NonStop Cluster Essentials enhancements for NonStop BladeSystem CLIMs
  • HP NonStop I/O Essentials

Module 9 - Updates to Open System Management (OSM)

  • OSM CLIM architecture
  • CLIM FRUs monitored by OSM
  • SWAN adapter attribute changes for CLIM connection

Module 10 - Updates to Measure

  • New ID fields
  • New CPU counter fields
  • New Measure entries for IP and storage CLIMs

Module 11 - Migration Overview

  • Migration definitions and considerations
  • Possible migration paths and scenarios
  • NonStop application migration

Module 12 – DSM/SCM and OSBuilder

  • DSM/SCM changes
  • OSBuilder introduction

Onsite Delivery Equipment Requirements

  • Access to an NB-series system

HG767 A.02